Talent Booking Fees

Skee Sports has a strong network of artists and celebrities across different industries, genres and fan-bases. Part of what sets us apart is that we have personal relationships directly with the artists and managers; we don’t go through agencies or other middlemen/women — which allows us to move fast and keep costs down. Thanks to our history of discovering and working with artists early on, our talent network is extremely wide, ranging from the world’s biggest artists to smaller, niche artists.

If you are looking to book talent for a pre-game, half-time, post-game or special appearance for a professional team, venue or other major sports organization, we would love to work with you. We are also happy to brainstorm together if you are not sure exactly what you are looking for.

Additionally, for any event that Skee Sports works with, we will have at least one Skee Sports representative on site to assist with artist communication, relations and general coordination/management — to make sure that all parties feel in sync and that the experience is well-executed.

We offer two different pricing models, to best suit your needs:

  • Individual Bookings: Skee Sports charges 10% of an artist’s booking fee, with a minimum amount guaranteed per booking.
    • Suitable for organizations with one-off or a few infrequent events.
    • Minimums vary depending on the type of performance and artist, as well as location, timing and other factors. The minimums below are rough estimates based on our current rates:
      • $1,000 for anthem singers (minimum).
      • $1,000 for half-time and pre/post-game artists (minimum).
      • Special appearances vary depending on the type of involvement required by the artist.
    • We do offer discounts for locking in multiple bookings at once, which is beneficial for multiple events that are spread across a longer time. If you are planning to have multiple bookings in one month, we recommend our monthly package outlined below as that’s more cost-effective.
    • For booking inquiries received by Skee Sports within 72 hours of the event, Skee Sports charges 15% of the artist’s booking fee (instead of 10%), with a 50% increased minimum guarantee. For instance, instead of a $1,000 minimum, the minimum would increase to $1,500.
  • Monthly Consultancy Package: A monthly, ongoing partnership where Skee Sports consults, finds and books relevant artists.
    • Suitable for organizations with ongoing events, such as for every home game during a season.
    • This package and its associated fee get customized based on your needs, and varies depending on the sport, frequency of events, type of venue and other factors.

    Note: Depending on the location, we may ask you to cover the travel cost for Skee Sports’ on-site representative.